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In 2013, WebCongress Miami has attracted 1,028 businesses from Europe, North America and LATAM. In comparison with 2012, visitors doubled, the amount of speakers has tripled and the level of content rose from advanced to expert by involving respected companies from the industry. We are excited to invite you to the WebCongress Summit as this promises to be our best conference yet!

WebCongress Summit is described as a full 2 day Digital Marketing Event covering Technical Innovations that brings together web professionals and media outlets from all over North America, Europe, and Latin America with one principal goal: teaching online marketing strategies by involving leading companies in the industry.

Yes, the executives from the best tech companies will be there. Yes, you will see the most advanced social marketing tips and strategies today. And yes, some of the biggest brands and smartest technology companies in digital and social will be speaking.

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WebCongress has experience organizing over 31 events in 13 different cities around the world and is growing rapidly, every year we are able to bring more people together during our events with the help of our sponsors.

Sponsors reach a highly educated, innovative, and cultural audience while supporting new developments among co- entrepreneurs. Our sponsorship opportunities are designed to meet the needs of the most savvy and innovating companies in the industry. Together we are assisting in building relationships, and delivering economic benefit on a long term. Send us a quick note and we’ll contact you shortly and assist you further in any sponsorship needs you may have. We aim to respond within 48 hours.

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“Miami, the home of WebCongress”

This document helps explain the Summit.

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Coding for me is a bit like drawing or sketching, or perhaps even more like Lego for grown-ups Nathalie Krup, Global Consumer Insights Manager, Microsoft
I attended and spoke at WC NYC and the experience was a great one. The event had a festive feel to it, with excellent presenters who had a wealth of information to share. This event is also an excellent way to network with newcomers to the industry, as well as industry veterans Michael Sotelo
Head of US Hispanic and Pan LatAm Marketing, Facebook


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  • Tech Cocktail
  • Prosimity
  • Venture Hive
  • Jurnid
  • WM
  • Project Lift

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Flying to Miami

Miami International Airport is the 2nd busiest airport for international traffic in the United States. The airport is just 20 minutes from the city center and 10 miles from its famous beaches. We recommend the following services for finding the best flights:

With your ticket you can enter the world of WebCongress, Education, Workshops, Networking, and Content Experiences from new Digital Marketing Strategies and Tech Trends. WebCongress will host speakers from Fortune 500 companies and Internet companies across the Americas.

With the closure of the Americas Tour in Miami, the Summit will introduce a whole new era of tech events that will begin with the letter W. WebCongress is considered to be one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing events in the world. Will you join the W Experience?

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