WebCongress San Francisco - May 8th 2014


Ever had a boss or client demand millions of social media followers when you're nowhere near that number? Being a social media marketer can be frustrating when you're being compared against Lady Gaga's or President Obama's account. You know these expectations are not only unrealistic, but potentially damaging to a brand's social media success. In this session, you'll learn how to:
- Set appropriate social media goals that match realistic business goals. - Have hard conversations about how buying followers isn't the answer and doesn't add brand value. - What metrics you should be tracking and why. - What tools to use to gather your metrics. - What metrics you should share your boss or client and which ones are useful for yourself, your team, or others in your company. - How to show that you're keeping an active, growing social media audience for your brand.


Intro by Antrew Caravella. Panel with: Aaron Kahlow, Janet Fouts.

Blueliner's CEO Arman Rousta, author of "The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing" is bringing a very special content to WebCongress. The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing is a Framework - a map, for the learning, strategy, budgeting, execution and analysis of the entire universe of digital marketing tactics and techniques.


KEYNOTE: Why is your Social Media so Anti Social? (Tom Spano - Former Twitter, Goombal, Head of Marketing)

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Today's social world is more difficult to manage than ever before. Is your brand doing it right? Are you struggling with how to engage your audience properly? What platforms are the most important and how to use them properly? Come join Tom Spano for a lively discussion on how to be less anti-social on social media. - Tom Spano: Former Twitter Marketing Special, ShareThis Social Media Manager

A Holistic Approach to Managing the Digital Customer Experience

Thanks to the mobile Internet, social media and a more competitive online marketplace, today's end consumer is more empowered and educated than ever. Brands that want to be competitive must manage their customers' experience and truly be user-centric. Since today's consumers engage with brands using multiple touch points, channels and devices, brands need to use a holistic approach to customer experience management: listen, research, test, act and measure.

KEYNOTE: A Latin America Without Borders - Giovanni Rodriguez (FORBES)

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Over the past few years, a number of Latin American diaspora communities have begun leveraging technologies that enable people to more effectively find one another, engage one another, and -- most importantly -- to support one another. What does this mean for international trade? What does this mean for the balance of power in the Americas? What's next in the technology horizon, and should Latin American leaders be thinking about? Giovanni Rodriguez -- an award-winning innovator in citizen engagement whose clients include The White House, the DNC, and the AARP -- takes a close look at this emerging trend and provides conference attendees with a sneak peek at technologies that are expected to break later in 2014.


Social Media Integration

Social media and ALL digital marketing have become forever linked. And the research, case studies and proven tactics are truly showing themselves as ubiquitous in application for any Social Media Strategy. Whether it’s the explosive growth of Mobile in APAC or the Social Media success stories in the US, all companies that embrace the trends and boldly executing are seeing tremendous ROI…and we’ll show you why and how. You’ll learn: • Mobile: Top Trends and Tips from the experts on the forefront of SoLoMo (Social Local and Mobile) • Facebook & Mobile Adoption: Facebook Amplification Tactics Driving Increase in Sales of over 200% for brands like Starbucks, Target and Amazon • Mobile Combo with Youtube & Video: How to build an engagement strategy around your social actions and engaging video content • Integrated Marketing: Aligning your social strategy across with existing and departmental goals and attribution models to prove it. • Online Marketing Institute: Research and Case Study examples from SAP, Cisco, Starbuck, Amazon, Intel.. pointing the way to the foundational principles of Social Success. • Analytics: Ways to plan your social media marketing strategy and measure success through Mulit-channel Attribution Models


"How to make your first $10,000 as a developer:" There are hundreds of tools on the appstore to help you acquire users and monetize your app. However, what really matters are those elusive first users and the best way to get your start. Beth Kindig of Vserv.Mobi demystifies how to begin your monetization journey. Her presentation will include case studies of some of the biggest developers who had to overcome monetization challenges and how looking outside of North America for users can change everything.

ANALYTICS: How Well Do You Know Your Customers? Get a 360 View Using Analytics

Many people know what analytics are, have analytics software installed, and how to access it. But for many it stops there – making sense of the data and knowing how to act upon it are the difficult parts. In this session, Feras will share best practices on how to interpret your analytics data and turn those insights into action, including: Measure, report and analyze data in a way that truly impacts the business How the power of Google Analytics can be integrated with other data sources such as SEM campaign data, email, CRM/SalesForce and others to provide full visibility of your prospects and customers A case study that examines analysis across multiple channels, as well as ways to understand user behavior and ROI

Conversion Optimization

The traditional consumer marketing funnel from awareness to purchase has been dramatically altered in the past two years and replaced by an Internet journey that leads users to visit more than 10 different sources of information before making a purchase decision. According to Google, 83% of US shoppers now make their purchase decisions online. The Workshop will examine the new paradigm and its consequences for marketers and advertisers.

Search Engine Optimization

Telling the search engines a story. Using keywords, hierarchy, and content to show the search engines what to rank and where to send users.


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