Get to know the people behind WebCongress!

Meet the W-Team, a highly dedicated team who put all of their effort to work to make each WebCongress a special one. Its their mission to offer the most innovative, inspiring and most enjoyable Digital Marketing Event in Europe and Latin America. Let them take care of every detail so you can experience the best Tech conferences, workshops and networking opportunities!

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W Team

Carolina Ticora

Director WebCongress LATAM

Michele Lo Forte

CTO at WebCongress

Monica Gutierrez

Marketing & Sales Manager

Ouali Benmeziane

CEO & Founder of WebCongress

Ken Darcis

International Strategy

Ari Koenigsberg

Event Partner

Gustavo Carreño


Julieth Soler

Account Manager - Communications & Partnerships

W Ambassadors

Rafael Mendez Parra

Director WebCongress Caracas

Daniele Calorio

Director WebCongress Paris

Jesús Corrales

Director WebCongress Andalucía

Kathia De la Rosa

Directora WebCongress Panamá y Costa Rica

Kathia De La Rosa Kuruklis is a Digital Marketing Strategist in Panama and Costa Rica. She helps companies master growth in a digital age. Kathia is an experienced marketer specialized in creating tailored made strategies and digital plans to take your business online/offline presence to the next level. De La Rosa consults to global companies and startups in diverse industries (Food Industry, consumer goods, mobile web, insurance and finance), enabling them to build effective digital strategies to engage customers and drive positive business results.

Arturo Cánez

WebCongress Partner Lima

Naveen Lawrence

Director Webcongress India

Devi Shankar

Director Webcongress India

Manoj Nambiar

Director Webcongress India

Claudio Cossio

Director WebCongress Mexico

Claudio has built marketing campaigns and developer relationship programs for companies like AppCircus, Sun Microsystems and T-Systems. He is a valued member of Seedcamp, Europe’s top seed investment firm and mentor for Centro de Tecnología de Innovación TELMEX. Claudio wrote the first Spanish language e-book about internet entrepreneurship: Guía Startup para Emprendedores Ingeniosos with more than 1+ million downloads.

Luis Palacios

WebCongress Partner Lima

Flavio Horta

Director WebCongress Brazil

David Vásquez

Director WebCongress Russia